Sometimes you come across something so worthwhile you just have to share it.  My wife first shared this idea with me some time ago.  I came across it again just recently.

Bryan Sexton, PhD, with Duke School of Medicine, shared his research on the Three Good Things concept, in a blog at Duke Today (

What is it?  In short: better sleep, better relationships, better work, better life!  According to Dr. Sexton, promoting positive thoughts and building resilience can be as easy as writing down three things that happened during that day that went well and your role in the positive outcome.  Best results for the exercise come after 14 consecutive entries, and the results can last for more than a year!  Dr. Sexton compares the results to using Prozac.

Almost too easy, right?  Here is former American Psychological Association president Martin Seligman, PhD, explaining in a one minute video:

Want to see more, here is Dr. Sexton in a short video that includes the research and data that supports this claim:

My notebook is already on my nightstand, waiting for me to start.  Let’s try it together.